When people are standing in the bike lane



Do you like Modern Art?

I have seen some of the items from this exhibition at Pompidou in 2010 and I was very very impressed. However I never thought i will see this amazing collection in Amsterdam! Stedelijk Museum is not less than Pompidue, must to see!

Hologram - Lloyd Cross, dance by Simone Forti  at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

(Source: stedelijk.nl)

Marc Jacobs <3 Coca-Cola Light 

Marc Jacobs in a photo booth with a can of coke for the 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola light. 

(Source: vogue.com.tr)

Perfect movie selection for the valentines day!

Perfect movie selection for the valentines day!

One of the best hamburger places in whole Amsterdam. A big tasty burger for valentines day w/my Valentine! What else?

Happy valentines day.

(Source: burger-bar.nl)

Fall in Amsterdam is like a colourful dream. Constant rain doesn’t make you feel bad. Unlikely, filling you with joy & peace with these beautiful long rainbows.

I just love my new bike fixing shop!

Bike is an important issue in the Netherlands!

(Source: hetzwartefietsenplan.nl)

The coolest macaron shop ever! Try chilli chocolate and salty caramel. 

(Source: poptasi.com)

I always have the feeling but I am just too lazy to share the cool stuffs with the world.

New era new posts. Welcome back to me!